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See a list of integrations that Eden offers across all products

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Access Control

Automate check in and streamline activating and deactivating badges with our access control integrations.

Single Sign On

Securely manager access with our single sign-on integrations to the Eden Workplace user directory.



  • Auth0 SAML

  • Azure AD SAML


  • ClassLink Saml

  • Cloudflare SAML

  • CyberArK SAML

  • Duo SAML

  • Generic SAML

  • G Suite OAuth

  • Google SAML

  • Keycloak SAML

  • JumpCloud SAML

  • Microsoft OAuth

  • miniOrange SAML

  • NetIQ SAML

  • Okta SAML

  • Oracle SAML

  • OneLogin SAML

  • OpenID Connect

  • PingFederate SAML

  • PingOne SAML

  • Salesforce SAML

  • Shibboleth

  • SimpleSAMLphp SAML

  • VMWare SAML

Directory Syncing

Automatically sync employee details and automate provisioning and de-provisioning with our directory sync integrations to the Eden Workplace user directory.

  • Azure AD SCIM

  • Bamboo HR

  • Breathe HR

  • CyberArk SCIM

  • G Suite Directory

  • Gusto

  • JumpCloud SCIM

  • OneLogin SCIM

  • Hibob

  • People HR

  • PingFederate SCIM

  • Microsoft ADFS

  • Okta SCIM v1.1

  • Okta SCIM v2.0

  • Rippling

  • SCIM v1.1

  • SCIM v2.0

  • Workday


Manage requests, receive notifications, and book rooms/reservations from the Eden Workplace app directly on your team’s communication platform.


View and receive notifications of upcoming room reservations

File Storage

Automatically store signed legal documents for your visitors and employees

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