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Outlook Integration - Room Scheduling
Outlook Integration - Room Scheduling

Learn how the Outlook integration works with Eden's Room Scheduling solution and how to set it up

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How does the Eden Outlook Integration work?

Eden supports a two-way integration between Eden and Outlook Room Resources. Connected rooms booked on Outlook will appear on the Eden dashboard and the room scheduling display. Similarly, when integrated rooms are booked on the Eden dashboard or the room scheduling display, the rooms will show as reserved on Outlook Calendar.

What is an Outlook Room Mailbox?

An Outlook Room Mailbox is a resource mailbox that's assigned to a physical location, such as a conference room, an auditorium, or a training room. Users can schedule these rooms by adding it to their calendar events. When a resource is booked, it creates a corresponding event on the room mailbox calendar. More information for setting up your room mailbox in Outlook can be found here.

Setting up the Outlook Calendar Integration


The authentication must be completed by a user with at least the Exchange Administrator admin role

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations on your Eden dashboard

  • Click Connect to Outlook next to Outlook Calendar to continue

  • Sign in to your Outlook account with administrator credentials. After authentication, you will be directed back to Eden.

    • Please type in the email & password when initiating this integration –– copy/paste or using SSO may cause an error and not allow the integration to move forward

Importing Rooms

  • On your Eden dashboard, go to Settings > Room Scheduling

  • Scroll down to the “Calendar” section and click “Manage”

  • Choose the location & floor you would like to import the room resources to in the Eden system. This will allow you to add rooms to your floor plan after import.

    • Each import must go to a specific floor –– If you have multiple floors, import rooms for each floor separately.

    • Check off resources you would like to connect.

      • Please note, if a resource was added into Microsoft Outlook or their name was updated, their name may not appear for up to 24 hours after the time of update

  • Click “Import Resources” -- It may take up to 10 minutes to import your rooms. Once they are imported, the rooms are now reservable through Eden and can be mapped to your floor plan

Please note, duplicate named rooms cannot be imported to the same location and floor in Eden. If a room already exists please delete or rename it before attempting to import a room to the same location & floor with the same name.

Modify Room Settings

You can modify settings for all rooms by navigating to Settings > Room Scheduling. To manage settings for an individual room, navigate to Settings > Locations > Select a Location > Sublocations

  • Click on the room to modify the name, capacity, room settings, and tablet branding

    • Please note, if a room resource name or capacity is updated after import in Outlook, it will not automatically update in Eden. It must be updated directly in Eden’s settings.

How Reserving a Room Works:

  • If a room reservation is created on the Eden dashboard, it will populate on the room’s calendar in Outlook as well. The person who created the room reservation in Eden will be invited to the event and the room will be the organizer.

  • If a room reservation is created in Outlook it will appear on the Eden dashboard and show the organizer as the person who created the invite.

  • Meeting details, event title, time, and attendees will show in both Eden & Outlook when booked on either system

Disconnecting the Outlook Integration:

  • If you would like to disconnect the integration completely, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Click “Unlink” next to the Outlook Calendar integration

    • This will deactivate all imported calendars and rooms from reservation and all future reservations will be canceled in the Eden system. The reservations are not removed from Outlook.

    • If you would like to delete a specific room this can be done under the Location settings explained in this article.

  • Reconnecting the Outlook Calendar may require a deleting the rooms from Eden and then reimporting

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