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Directory Sync Instructions (SCIM)
Directory Sync Instructions (SCIM)

Learn which directory sync providers Eden integrates with and how the integration works

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How does it work on Eden?

  • Directory Syncing connects the Eden platform with your organization’s directories, keeping Eden software informed of any changes in your users, groups, and access rules.

  • Eden also allows the syncing of job titles, phone numbers, and assignment of user groups and locations through Directory Syncing.

  • For example, if an employee leaves the company and is deactivated in your directory system, they will automatically be deactivated as a user in the Eden system as well. Any information that is updated in the directory system automatically updates in the Eden system.

  • You can find a list of integrations that are available here.

    • Don’t see your provider? Contact your Customer Success Manager to make a request!

How do I set up directory syncing?

  1. On your Eden dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Link Directory

  2. Select your Directory provider. If you use a provider outside of Okta, Google, or Azure, you will be redirected to the WorkOS portal to complete the integration. Select your Directory provider from the choices below and click “Get Started.”

  3. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the integration.

  4. Once the initial connection is complete it will show up on the Eden dashboard as enabled with access to an Admin Portal

  5. Important Final Step: The system will connect the name and email of your employees into their account in the Eden system through the initial connection. Manager and Job title should also update automatically for Okta, Google, or Azure connections. Please note that Eden depends on an employee having access to at least one location. To assign all employees to one or more locations automatically, navigate to Settings → Integrations → Manage Settings after the system has been connected. There is a video of the following steps available here

  • Click "+ Add Rule" and create a Location rule with Action Type "Assign Location"

  • Click on "+ Add Actions" and choose the location you would like to automatically assign. You can continue with the "+ Add Actions" button to assign as many locations as necessary

    • These will assign to all employees coming through your Directory syncing connection. If you would like to create conditions / rules about which employees are assigned to which locations please respond to this email with the specifications and our team will assist

  • Save the rule and click the Sync Directory button in the top right corner. Wait 10-15 minutes and then view your updated location assignments in the Settings → Manage Users page

We do offer additional options that require assistance from our team; if you would like to connect Location with specific rules (not the same for all users), Title, Phone Number, User Group or Preferred Name designation please email your Customer Success Manager with your request.

A few reminders:

  1. If you are connecting an HRIS system it will automatically bring over all users. If you are connecting a Directory system your Directory will allow you to assign users to come over to the Eden platform.

  2. The initial sync can take up to two hours to complete depending on your directory. If the sync says it is successful, check back in a few hours to view the users in Eden under Settings → Manage Users.

  3. The connection requires an administrative user of your Directory system to connect it from the Eden platform

  4. If the “User Name” attribute is an email address, we store that as the user’s email. Otherwise we fallback to the “Primary email” attribute

  5. Every user must have a unique email

  6. There is no current way to unlink your directory directly on the dashboard. To unlink, please reach out to your customer success manager.

  7. Our system defaults to JIT provisioning of new users which allows new users to be provisioned via SSO or Slack if they have access to those systems within your team. If you would prefer that all new users come only from Directory Syncing or directory on the Eden Dashboard, please let your CSM know

  8. If using Jumpcloud for SCIM/Directory, it is required that SSO is also configured through Jumpcloud. This is a Jumpcloud system specific requirement that we are happy to help your team configure!

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