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Use Box to store signed visitor legal documents

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How does it work?

Eden integrates with Box to make it easy to share signed legal documents with your team. Once the integration is enabled, a PDF of each signed legal document will be automatically uploaded to the Box folder of your choice.

The Eden + Box integration works per legal document, which gives your team the flexibility to store different, signed legal documents in the relevant Box folder.

Enabling the Eden + Box Integration

You’ll need to be an admin on your Box account to complete this integration.

  1. Login to your Eden dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrations

  2. Find the Box integration option and select “Connect to Box”

  3. Login to your Box account to complete the integration

  4. In Eden, navigate to Settings > Visitors > Legal Documents

  5. In the overflow menu, select “File Storage Settings"

  6. Enable the option to “Store a copy in Box”

  7. Enter the Box folder ID for the folder where you’d like to store the legal document.

    1. This can be found in the folder URL. For example, in the URL, the folder ID is “123.”

  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for any additional legal documents you’d like to store in Box

Viewing Signed Legal Documents

Once your integration is set up, signed legal documents will be stored in Box. You will be able to access those signed documents in Box as well as on the Eden dashboard.

To view documents in Box, navigate to the folder where your legal documents are stored. Your signed legal documents will appear as follows:

To view signed legal documents in Eden, navigate to the visitor’s profile. A version of the signed document can be downloaded from Eden. If the document has been stored in Box, there will be a tag on the profile confirming that the document was properly stored.

Unlinking the Eden + Box Integration

If you need to remove the Eden + Box integration, login to the Eden dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrations. There will be an option to “Unlink” on the Box integration tile.

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