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Learn how the Brivo access control integration works with Eden and how to set it up

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How does Eden's Brivo access control integration work with Reservations?

  • If your team requires a wellness survey, the Brivo x Eden setup will require that an employee pass their wellness survey before accessing the site

  • For teams without a wellness survey requirement, users will simply need to make a reservation for their badge to work for a particular day

  • When employees swipe/tap their badge at the space it will automatically check them into the Eden Team Safety system with a timestamp

  • Administrators are able to mark users as "exceptions" such that their badge always works, regardless of reservation status

  • Eden or Brivo Administrators can always manually change the badge status if necessary

How to set up the Brivo integration on Eden:

  • Confirm with Brivo that your account includes Integration & API Access by filling out the Brivo API Account Access Agreement form and validating with your third party Brivo dealer.

  • Once complete, share the form with your Eden point of contact who will confirm the API key and set up your Eden account to support the integration.

    Note: You must be a Brivo Administrator to complete the remaining steps.

  • As Brivo Administrator, Log into Eden and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Authorize Brivo.

  • This page will take you to your Brivo Dashboard to log in

    • please note that sometimes this step requires that you manually type in your Brivo Admin ID and password instead of copy/pasting or using a saved password tool.

    • To find your Brivo Admin ID, follow the steps below

      • Log into your account as the administrator.

      • Click the Onair Classic button on the navigation bar.

      • The administrator ID will be documented on the home screen of Onair Classic.

  • After logging in, you will be prompted to authorize Eden to access the Brivo API key -– press submit. It may take a few minutes to load after submitting.

  • You will be redirected back to the Eden dashboard settings page with a banner at the top that reads "Linked Eden Workplace with Brivo Access Control System!"

  • Press the "Manage Brivo" button which will show them the following screen. Link your address(es) in Eden to the relevant locations using Brivo.

  • Once linked, the integration is ready to go!

  • As an important final step, suspend all user status in Brivo such that the default User State is Suspended

    • > view the user > click suspend

    • Note: This should be done on the user level and will apply to all forms of access (cards, mobile app etc).

    • Our system will toggle Access Control Badge Status from Suspended to Active state when the user has an approved reservation

  • If you would like to resync all users from Eden go to Settings > Manage Brivo > click “Resync Users”

Additional Steps/Features

You can manage individual badges on the Eden system directly by going to Settings > Manage Users > Choose User > Access Control. The badge status can be manually enabled or disabled through the toggle.

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