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Learn how the Kisi access control integration works with Eden and how to set it up

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How does it work on Eden Team Safety?

  • If your team requires a wellness survey, the Kisi x Eden setup will require that an employee pass their wellness survey before their badge is activated through Kisi for that day. If the employee does not reserve a spot and pass their wellness survey, the badge will not work when trying to get into the space.

  • There is the option for exceptions - employees can be marked as "exceptions" so that their badge always works.

  • The Eden or Kisi administrators can always manually change the badge status if necessary.

How to set up the integration

*Please note, you must have a Kisi Administrator complete these steps

  • On the Eden dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations and click “Manage Kisi”

  • After clicking “Manage Kisi,” pop up will appear prompting you to login with your Kisi credentials

  • When completed, click the “Manage Kisi” button to link/unlink locations and resync users

  • Once linked, the system is ready to go. As a final step, suspend all user credentials in Kisi. Our system will activate the credentials when they have an approved reservation. Please note, that this should be done on the user level and will apply to all forms of access (cards, mobile app etc).

  • If you would like to resync all users manually go to Settings > Manage Kisi > click “Resync Users”.

Additional Steps/Features

  • You can manage individual badges on the Eden system directly by going to Settings > Manage Users > Choose User > Access Control. The badge status can be manually enabled or disabled through the toggle.

Updates made on the Eden software will be pushed to Kisi within 60 seconds. If employees forget to complete the wellness survey, they can do so at the office entrance and they will gain access immediately. The access will be suspended upon checkout or automatically deactivated at 11:59 pm local time each day.

Troubleshooting Notes:

  • The initial syncing of the users between Eden and Kisi may take 5+ minutes depending on the number of users

  • If a reservation is canceled, the user’s badge access is not automatically deactivated

  • Employees need to have email addresses in Kisi that match Eden emails

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