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Setting Up Openpath for Visitor Management
Setting Up Openpath for Visitor Management
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Eden x Openpath Overview

The Eden + Openpath integration streamlines the process of distributing access to visitors, including in-depth customizations such as issuing access prior to the visitor’s scheduled arrival time.

Eden will create temporary Openpath access tokens, which will automatically and temporarily grant access to specific parts of your building. You are also able to customize access settings including automated expiration times and configurable advanced access.

Access tokens, known as Cloud Credentials in Openpath, are shared with your guests via email. Guests do not require the Openpath app to use these access tokens. The Eden or Openpath administrators can always manually change the badge status if necessary.

Before You Begin:

You must be both:

  • An Eden administrator

  • An Openpath Administrator

Setting up the Integration

  • Log into your Openpath administrator account and navigate to Users > User Management > Create User

  • Email: you can use your email with a "+eden" or "+" anything of your choice in order to create another Openpath user with your email address (for example: [email protected])

  • First Name & Last Name: Eden Workplace, Workplace Bot

  • Enable portal access

  • Choose a role that has WRITE permission for View and edit users such as Super Admin and save

  • Ensure this user also has cloud_key_credentials. The name field can be called anything you’d like, such as “Eden Bot Cloud Key”

  • Go to the Access tab and enable access to all required Zones and Entries

Note: You will need the new username and password in the following few steps.

  • Next, navigate to your Eden dashboard and go to Settings > Integrations > Click on Authorize Openpath

  • Enter in the email and password for the Eden bot that was created in Openpath and click Authorize

  • Select the "Manage Openpath" button (on the Settings > Integrations page on Eden), which will show the sidesheet:

  • Match your addresses/locations in Eden to their sites in Openpath.

  • Press the "Link" button for each separate address

  • Add your Openpath User ID. The ID can be found in the url when managing a user in the Openpath dashboard.

  • Once your locations are Linked and the User ID is entered you are ready to enable Openpath for your visitors. Navigate to Settings > Locations > Select your Location > Access Control

    • Enable the Openpath Visitor Access Control

    • Determine your preferred customizations, including how far in advance the guest should receive credentials, how long the credentials are valid for, and to which doors the guest will have access

    • Be sure to hit save after modifying each section

Congrats! You are now ready to start inviting guests to your office!

Additional Notes & Comments

  • If you would like to remove guest access before the automated time you must do so through your Openpath dashboard

  • If a meeting is cancelled or modified AFTER advanced access is granted to the guest, the guest’s credentials will remain active. An Openpath admin must remove the guest’s access through the Openpath dashboard.

  • If a meeting is cancelled BEFORE advanced access is granted an email will not be triggered to the visitor

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