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Google Calendar Integration - Room Scheduling
Google Calendar Integration - Room Scheduling

Learn how the Google calendar integrations works with Eden's Room Scheduling solution and how to set it up

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How does the Google Calendar integration work?

The Google Calendar integration creates a two-way integration between Eden and Google Calendar. Integrated rooms booked on Google Calendar will appear on the Eden dashboard and the room scheduling display. When integrated rooms are booked on the Eden dashboard or the room scheduling display, the rooms will show as reserved on Google Calendar.

What is a Google Calendar resource?

A Google Calendar resource is used to manage shared spaces or assets like rooms or equipment. Resources can be shared with people in your organization via Google Calendar. Users can schedule the resource by adding it to their calendar events. When a resource is booked, it creates a corresponding event on the resource’s calendar.

To set up resources on Google Calendar, follow these steps. Please note that you must be an administrator to manage resources. We strongly recommend creating your Google Calendar Resources before setting up the Google Calendar integration.

Preparing Your Google Calendar Integration

There are two methods to complete this set up:

  • Assign a service account a Super Admin role (Highly recommended)

  • Individually give permissions for each calendar (Not recommended. This method is manual and the steps need to be completed every time a new room is created)

Method 1: Assign a service account a Super Admin role

Note: This integration must be set up by a Google Super Admin with read and write privileges.

Create a new user on Google Workspace (e.g. Eden Rooms Bot). This user will appear as the creator when room reservations are made. Make sure this user is a Super Admin.

  • Please note the following if you choose to integrate with an existing Super Admin:

    • If their administrator access is changed at any point then the integration will need to be reauthorized.

    • The name of the Super Admin who sets up the integration will be displayed as the “Creator” on Google Calendar for all rooms booked through Eden and through the room scheduling display.

Method 2: Individually give permissions for each calendar

  1. Log into as a Super Admin

  2. Visit and click the Settings gear at the top right

  3. Go to the calendar for the room and share the calendar with the service account used to connect to Eden

  4. Find "Share with specific people" and click Add people

  5. Find the name of the service account used to authenticate into Eden

  6. Make sure they are set to "Make changes to events"

Installing the Google Calendar Integration

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations on your Eden dashboard

  • Click “Login” next to Google Calendar to continue

  • Sign in to your new Google account that was created in step 1 and click “Next” to continue

  • Once you are signed in, click “Allow” to let Eden access your Google Calendar

  • On your Eden dashboard, go to Settings > Room Scheduling. Scroll down to the “Calendar” section and click “Manage”

  • Select the appropriate rooms, location, and floor number then click “Import Resources.”
    For Google Calendar users: If you have not set up floors yet, you can use the Auto Import option and Eden will automatically import rooms and floors.
    For Outlook users: go to the Settings > Locations > Sublocations and create your floors before importing your rooms.

  • Click “Import Resources”. It may take up to 10 minutes to import your rooms. Once they are imported, the rooms are now reservable through Eden and can be mapped to your floor plan

  • You can modify settings for all rooms by navigating to Settings > Room Scheduling. To manage settings for an individual room, navigate to Settings > Locations > Select a location > Sublocations

  • Click on the room to modify the name, capacity, room settings, and tablet branding

Disconnecting the Google Calendar Integration

  • If you would like to disconnect the integration completely, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Click “Unlink” next to the Google Calendar integration

    • This will deactivate all imported calendars and rooms from reservation and all future reservations will be canceled in the Eden system. The reservations are not removed from Google

    • If you would like to delete a specific room this can be done under the Location settings explained in this article

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