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Single Sign On (SSO) Integration
Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

Learn how to integrate your Single Sign On (SSO) provider for your organization

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How does SSO work on Eden?

  • Once installed, employees with the relevant email domain must use SSO to login to the Eden platform and make requests or reservations.

  • SSO is a one way connection so it will NOT deactivate users on Eden who are deactivated in your SSO system. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on directory syncing, which will provision and deprovision user accounts on both platforms automatically.

  • Our SSO integration will automatically provision an account for new users on their first sign in.

  • Eden supports multiple domains for SSO. Contact your Customer Success Manager to set up multiple domains within Eden.

  • A list of integrations are available here. Don’t see your provider? Contact your Customer Success Manager to make an integration request!

How do I set up SSO with SAML?

*Please note, you must have your SSO Administrator complete these steps

  1. Add your SSO system administrator as an Administrator in Eden under Settings > Manager users

  2. On your Eden dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations. Click “Connect to SSO”

  3. Select your SSO provider. If you use a provider outside of Okta, Google, or Azure, you will be redirected to the WorkOS portal to complete the integration. Select your SSO system from the choices below and click “Get Started.”

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the integration

  5. Once connected, you will be able to test and view on the Settings > Integrations page within Eden. SSO will be implemented for both web and mobile app logins automatically.

Troubleshooting Notes

  • To configure SSO, Eden requires your user's email domains to match the domains we have in Eden (i.e., “[email protected]”) to match the domain we have on file for your organization (i.e., "")

  • Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you need to add additional domains (Eg. "[email protected]")

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