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Setting up Microsoft Teams
Setting up Microsoft Teams

Learn how to set up the Microsoft Teams integration

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This guide walks you through the process to connect Eden to Microsoft Teams and configure Microsoft Teams so the Eden app is accessible for your whole organization.

Before You Begin:

You must be both:

  • An Eden administrator

  • A Microsoft Teams Administrator in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Note: Changes can take up to 36 hours to push out to your org following setup


Connecting Eden to Microsoft Teams

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations

  2. Click “Connect to Teams”

  3. You will be taken to a Microsoft Sign In page and asked to authenticate

    1. Microsoft Teams Administrator privileges are required for this step

Installing Eden as a Default App for your Org in Microsoft Teams

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center to complete the integration

  2. Select Teams apps > Setup policies > Global (Org-wide default)

  3. Select + Add apps > search for “Eden” > select “Add”

    1. Also here, under Pinned Apps, you can opt to Pin the Eden app as a default for users

5. Under Permission policies, verify that your Global (Org-wide default) policy allows for Third-party apps

  • Ensure that Eden is allowed under “Manage apps” if you have restrictive permissions


After 24 46 hours per Microsoft guidelines, all users should now have access to the Eden app available to them in Microsoft Teams

For instructions on how to use the App, check out our guide here

Additional Notes & Comments

  • If you wish to forego installation on behalf of your whole org, users will be able to add the application to Teams directly by searching for Eden under Apps in Microsoft Teams

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