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Setting up Visitor Management

Learn how to configure visitor types, customize your device theme, create wellness surveys, pair an iPad or printer, and onboard your team

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Please note that you have the ability to create default configurations and/or custom configurations per location. Once each configuration type has been created, you can apply the configuration to each location or group of locations.

  1. Configuring Visitor Types and Check-In Flow. This is where you will be able to set up different visitor types and configure the check in flow for each one. You will be able to choose whether visitors need to sign legal documents, badges, and the notifications they will receive.

    1. Create different visitor types and configure settings: How should your guest check-in experience work for different types of visitors? You can customize the check in flow for guests, employees, delivery people, interviewees, etc. (sign legal documents, badge appearance, notifications, etc.).

  2. Customize your Device Theme. Customize what your visitors and employees will see on the check-in kiosk or touchless web check-in when they check in.

  3. Add Legal Documents. Add legal documents for visitors to sign when they check in. You can add multiple legal documents per visitor type.

  4. Create a Wellness Survey for Visitors and Employees. Create a set of questions visitors and employees must answer and pass before coming on site.

  5. Install the Slack or Teams integration. Install the Slack/Teams integration for employees to pre-register their guests and receive notifications about their guests.

  6. Pair your iPad. Install the Eden Workplace iPad App to allow visitors and employees to check in onsite.

  7. Pair your Badge Printer. Add a printer to print badges for visitors and employees.

  8. Onboard your Team! The last step is to onboard your team.

    1. Add Users. Upload a csv of your employees or add employees individually.

    2. Eden also has Directory Syncing Integrations and Single Sign-On (SSO). Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more!

    3. After each employee has been added, it’s time to announce it to your team!

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