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Learn how to create different visitor types with customized sign in flows

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Visitor Types

Visitor types allow you to create custom sign in flows for different types of visitors. When visitors arrive at your office and click “Tap to Check In” they will be prompted to select the reason they are visiting. The reason they select will determine their check in flow. For example, visitors coming for a meeting might be required to sign an NDA while visitors coming to deliver a package might not need a picture and NDA.


  1. Go to Settings > Visitors

  2. Click on the Configurations tab

  3. Update your Default Configurations (automatically applied to all locations as a default) by clicking the pencil to the right or Create a New Configuration using the button in the top right

4. Update each section for the visitor type "Guest"

5. These are the sections that are configurable:

  • Invite Messages: customize the email visitors receive when they are invited

  • Customer Check-In Fields: create custom fields for your visitors and employees to complete when checking into the office

  • Wellness Survey: set questions or criteria to help keep your office safe (available for Team Safety)

  • COVID-19 Documentation: allows you to enable COVID-19 document upload when visitors checks in and display a customized message before they upload the documents (available for Team Safety)

  • Legal Documents: Choose whether the visitor is required to sign a legal document. Select which legal document the visitor will sign and where the legal document will be stored.

  • Photo: Select whether the visitor must take a photo

  • Badge Printing: Select whether the visitor will receive a badge and customize the design of the badge

  • Notifications: Choose whether the host will receive a notification when the visitor arrives

  • Denial Message: Customize the denial message for the visitor if the visitor does not pass the wellness survey

  • Follow up Survey: Select whether the visitor receives a follow up survey and customize the survey questions, delivery schedule, and survey email.

6. To add a new visitor type (ie vendor, interview, etc), click +Add Visitor Type in the top right, name the visitor type and select whether you would like to duplicate an existing visitor type or start with the default settings.

7. Once that new visitor type has been created, you can continue to customize the sections listed above and select whether that visitor type will be an available option on the tablet kiosk (if applicable).

8. To delete a visitor type, click on that visitor type's tab and use the delete option available in the General section. Click “Yes, Delete”. (Please note that the built-in “Employee” and “Guest” type cannot be deleted)

Once all of of your visitor configurations have been created, you can apply those configurations on the Locations tab to the relevant office(s).

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