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Desk Booking Setup Guide
Desk Booking Setup Guide

Learn how to import desks, set up user groups, create neighborhoods and configure your floor plan

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Setting Up Desk Booking

  1. Import desks. Upload a spreadsheet of desks, desk feature tags, and neighborhoods to map desks on your floor plan

  2. Set up user groups. Organize your team into user groups that are then assigned to neighborhoods to help foster collaboration and manage team schedules.

  3. Assign user groups to neighborhoods and create team schedules. Use neighborhoods to organize groups of reservable desks in your office space by team or function.

  4. Configure a floor plan. Upload your floor plan to help employees visualize the space when selecting a desk and to manage space allocation.

  5. Assign Desk Booking Admins

    1. You have two Admin roles for Desk Booking. A Desk Booking Admin has full access to the product, including managing all settings. A Limited Desk Booking Admin can make reservations on the behalf of other users and see All Reservations, but cannot manage Desk Booking settings.

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