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How to Assign a Permanent Desk
How to Assign a Permanent Desk

Learn how to assign a desk permanently to a user

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Assigning a permanent desk

When you assign a permanent desk to an employee, they are assigned this desk every time they reserve a spot in the office. Employees cannot change their desk selection if they are given a permanent seat assignment. Assign a permanent desk in the desk configuration page or right on the floor plan.

To assign permanent desks on the configuration page, follow the instructions below:

  1. On the Eden dashboard go to Settings > Locations

  2. Select the location

  3. Go to the “Sublocations” tab

  4. Click on a desk

  5. Fill in the assignee’s name

  6. (Optional) Make desk reservable or block all reservations using the “booking” toggle

  7. Click “Save”

You can also assign a permanent desk right on the floor plan.

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