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Setting Up Neighborhoods
Setting Up Neighborhoods

Learn how to create neighborhoods of desks so that you can limit where certain users or departments sit in the office

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Setting Up Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods allow you to organize teams within your space. For example, you may create the engineering neighborhood, operations neighborhood, and sales neighborhood, and limit desk bookings to employees who are assigned to one of those teams. Once you set up neighborhoods, you are able to upload desks and automatically assign them to a neighborhood. You are able to customize neighborhoods even further by adding scheduling constraints.

There are two ways to set up neighborhoods. One way is to set up neighborhoods during the desk import. When you import desks and set neighborhoods, the system will automatically create those neighborhoods. There is a template to help you get started under Settings > Locations > Select a Location > Desks.

To manually create neighborhoods, follow the instructions below:

  1. On your Eden dashboard, go to Settings > Locations > Select a Location > Desks

  2. Click “Add Neighborhood”

  3. Name the neighborhood and set a fun color!

  4. Click “Add”

Once your neighborhoods are created, you can create scheduling constraints and assign user groups. To do this, click on the menu dropdown and select “Manage Schedule Constraints.” From here you can assign User Groups to the neighborhood and set any scheduling rules.

Note: if you have not created user groups, you can do so under Settings > Manage Users > User Groups. You can also automate this process with our directory syncing integrations.

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