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Configure a Floor Plan
Configure a Floor Plan

Learn how to configure a floor plan so that users can see where in the space they can book a desk or room

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Floor plans help employees visualize the workplace and allow users to book a desk or room. You can create one floor plan per floor in your office.


This video walks you through how to set up your floor plan, or alternatively, follow the steps below.

  • On your Eden dashboard, go to Settings > Locations

  • Select the location you want to set up

  • Go to the “Floor Management” tab

  • Select a floor. If you do not see a floor, please upload your desks

  • Go to the “Floor Plan” tab and click “Create Floor Plan”

Upload a .jpeg or .png map image of your space and click “Continue”.

  • Scale the floor plan to allow our system to comprehend the size of your office and desks. The scale you create will determine the size of your desks, markers, and other items on the map. To scale:

    1. Click on the floor plan to draw a line between two points. Tip: we recommend using a smaller area, like the size of a single desk, to set your scale most accurately (ex. 6 ft. 0 in.)

    2. Fill in the measurements between the two lines

  • (Optional) Rotate the map so that the floor plan reflects the layout in your office

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