Desk Feature Tags

Learn what feature tags are and how to assign them to desks

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Desk feature tags are keywords that you can add to a desk to describe it. Desks will also be searchable by these tags once they are added.


  • On your Eden dashboard, go to Settings > Locations

  • Select a location

  • Go to the “Sublocations” tab

  • Click on a desk

  • Type to start adding desk feature tags!

  • Click “Save” when you are done

  • To remove feature tags from a desk, click on the X next to the tag and click “Save”

  • To delete feature tags from the dashboard, go to Settings > Desk Booking. Click the red trash button. Please note that deleting feature tags on this page will delete the feature tags for all locations.

Alternatively, you can add feature tags when configuring desks on a floor plan or importing desks. Click into the desk and start typing in a feature tag. Click “Enter” on your keyboard to save.

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