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Manage scheduling constraints for each neighborhood
Manage scheduling constraints for each neighborhood

Learn how to set up scheduling constraints so that you can easily manage where users are able to book a desk

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Scheduling Constraints

Scheduling constraints allow you to manage which user groups can reserve a spot. You are able to set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly scheduling constraints. For example, I can set a scheduling constraint that allows the engineering team to reserve designated desks only on Mondays & Wednesdays. When members of the engineering team user group reserves a spot, they will only see availability for Mondays and Wednesdays.

Note: You must set up user groups and neighborhoods before setting up scheduling constraints. Administrators can override all the constraints when booking on behalf of other users.


  • Confirm your user groups and neighborhoods are set up.

  • On your Eden dashboard, go to Settings > Locations

  • Select the location

  • Go to the “Desks” tab

  • Click the three dots next to each neighborhood

  • Click “Manage Scheduling Constraints”

  • Click “Add Scheduling Constraints”

  • Select which user group can reserve a space in that particular neighborhood

  • If this user group can reserve a space everyday, click “Add” to save

    1. To modify the time in which this user group can reserve a space, uncheck “Everyday”

    2. Select the frequency in which they can reserve a space

    3. Click “Add”

  • The scheduling constraints will appear under each neighborhood. Click the red trash button to delete the scheduling constraint

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