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Desk Release

Learn how Eden's desk release feature allows users to free up a desk for someone else’s same-day use.

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Desk Release allows users to free up a desk for someone else’s same-day use. Users can also change their desks the same day by checking out of one desk, and reserving and checking into another.

Watch a short product preview here!

Super Admins and Desk Booking Admins can configure this feature under Settings > Desk Booking > Enable Desk Release

How Desk Release Works:

  • Users are able to reserve a desk through multiple channels, including Mobile App, Slack, and the Web Dashboard

  • After Checking Out of a previously Checked In desk:

    • That particular desk, if not assigned, is now free for others to reserve

    • The user who Checked Out is now able to make a second (or third, fourth, etc) booking for a particular day

Additional Notes & Comments:

  • Making a second reservation through Slack or Microsoft Teams is not currently supported

  • A user that releases a desk will see each of their reservations under My Reservations for a particular day if they check out of one desk and into another

    • An admin will only see the second desk a user reserves on their All Reservations and Reservations History table. CSV exports will include each reserved desk for a particular user

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