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Add Guests to Room Reservations
Add Guests to Room Reservations

Learn how to add internal and external guests to your room reservations

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Users are able to reserve a room from the Web Dashboard, Eden mobile app, Slack or a connected Google or Outlook calendar. Event guests can be added from your connected calendar or directly from the Eden Dashboard or Eden app.

Adding Guests to Room Reservations from Eden

  1. Create a room reservation one of three ways:

    1. Web Dashboard: My Reservations > Rooms

    2. Web Dashboard: My Reservations > Browse Floor Plan

  2. Add guests to your reservation

    1. External guests can be added via an email address

    2. Internal guests to your organization will populate upon text input

  3. Hit Save

    1. Internal guests will see the event in their connected calendar and on their My Reservations page

    2. External guests will be sent an invite from a connected calendar. Otherwise, if no calendar is connected, guests will not receive a notification of their invite

    3. Guests will be visible to all users on the event details from the Timeline View from the webdash

  4. When the event begins, any internal guest can check in to the reservation from the Web Dashboard, Slack push notification, or a connected Room Scheduling tablet. Only reservation owners will receive notifications to check in.

Additional Details

  • Reservation guests with an Eden account that are added to an event from Eden from a connected Google or Outlook calendar will see the events on their My Reservations page on the Eden Dashboard

    • Additionally, the event will reflect on their connected Google or Outlook calendar

  • RSVPs via a connected calendar for guests will reflect on Eden

  • Only reservation owners can change the time, date, location, title, and description from within Eden

  • Any internal guest can add attendees to the invite from either Eden or a connected Calendar

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