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Overview of Room Scheduling
Overview of Room Scheduling
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Room Scheduling Features

  • Employees can easily book conference rooms and find available space

  • Easy check-in and end meeting tools allow rooms to be freed up when they are not in use

  • Receive alerts through Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, or email so you don’t miss your next meeting

  • Review analytics and understand how employees are using your space

My Reservations

Navigate to Reservations to see all of your personal room reservations. You can view your reservations. Use the See all reservations link to see upcoming and past meetings.

Viewing Room Availability

Use the “Room” button to see a timeline or map view of rooms, room availability, and to create a new reservation. Rooms can display feature amenities (i.e., equipped with Zoom) and capacity constraints. Users may also filter rooms based on these attributes. Finally, users are able to switch between a timeline view and a floor plan.

Google Calendar Integration

Using the Google Calendar integration, administrators can sync room resources created on Google to Eden. Meetings that are associated with those resources will be reflected on the room display tablet and the Eden dashboard. Any meetings booked or modified through the Eden dashboard or tablet app will also be reflected on Google Calendar.

Room Scheduling Display

With Eden room display, the availability of the room is visible right on the screen. Employees can easily check-in using the room display.

When the room is available, the display will be green and employees will be able to reserve the room through the dashboard or directly on the tablet

When the room is reserved, the display will turn yellow. Employees can check in to confirm their reservations. If the employee does not check-in, the room can be set up to be released for another employee to use.

When the room is in use, the display will turn red. Employees can check out of their room at any point during their meeting. If the room is available after their reservation, employees will be given the option to extend their reservation.

Employees can use the room displays to search for available rooms.

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