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Multiple Accounts Sign In

Sign into multiple Eden accounts with one login email

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How It Works

Eden allows users to use the same email to sign into multiple Eden instances.

To use a single email for multiple instances, a user must first have user profiles with the same email address for each Eden account they wish to access.

Example: Company A and Company B are both Eden customers and John Smith is a consultant employed by both companies. If John has an Eden user account with both Company A and Company B, he can log into both instances using his [email protected] email address.

Logging In

  1. From the Eden Sign In page, enter your email address

  2. If you have have an email address that is associated with multiple user accounts, you will be prompted to “Select Account”

    1. Otherwise, you will be prompted to to enter your password or login with your SSO provider

  3. Select the instance to which you wish to log in

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