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Mapping Rooms to Your Floor Plan
Mapping Rooms to Your Floor Plan
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Mapping rooms

Mapping rooms to your floor plan will help your team with wayfinding throughout the office. This short video walks you through the set up, or just follow the steps below:

  1. If you are using our calendar integration, make sure your room resources are synced to the Eden dashboard. If you are not using the calendar integration, continue to step 2.

    1. Settings > Room Scheduling > Calendars > Manage

  2. Navigate to the location settings to update your floor plan

    1. Settings > Locations > Select Location > Sublocation

  3. Select the floor you’d like to setup and select Configure. If you do not have a floor plan setup, please follow these steps to configure your floor plan

  4. Select the room you’d like to map using this icon

    1. Note: you can collapse the list of desks to find your Rooms faster

  5. Drop the room on the floor plan and click on the room to adjust capacity, feature tags, and to resize the room.

All changes you make will automatically save.

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