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Overview of Deliveries
Overview of Deliveries

Learn about the benefits and core features of Eden's Deliveries Product

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Eden’s Deliveries product enables your workplace to quickly and easily manage incoming packages and mail. Administrators can scan incoming packages and mail, notify employees that a delivery is available for pick up, and track if and when deliveries are picked up.

Benefits of Using Deliveries

  • Save time you spend organizing mail and packages by automating the collection of deliveries details and notifying recipients

  • Save room on storage when deliveries are collected in a timely manner

  • Analytics related to your mail room to better manage your office operations

  • Delight employees by letting them know exactly when a delivery has arrived and is available for pick up

Core Delivery Features

  • Record New Deliveries. With Eden Deliveries, you don’t need any new hardware –– you can just use the camera on your phone through the Eden App to scan new packages and mail. When a delivery is scanned, it’ll automatically detect the recipient and log the package to your delivery log.

  • Notify Employees. Once a package or piece of mail is scanned, you can notify the recipient through email, Slack, or Teams. You can also choose to delay the notification to give yourself some time to get organized.

  • Delivery Pick Up. When an employee is notified, they will have the option to mark the item as picked up so you’ll know when packages and mail have been successfully delivered. You’ll also have access to time stamps and audit trails to know who picked up a package and when. Someone accidentally marked a package as picked up? No worries, you can always edit the delivery status.

  • Analytics. Use Eden Deliveries to track how many deliveries have been scanned, and picked up along with how long packages and mails are waiting for pick up. Use this data to make smart decisions about your office operations!

Getting Started with Eden Deliveries

Deliveries is a product in the Eden suite. Contact your Customer Success Manager or book a meeting with our team to get started!

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