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Submit a Ticket via Microsoft Teams
Submit a Ticket via Microsoft Teams

Learn how to submit a ticket via the Microsoft Teams App

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To set up Microsoft Teams for your organization, follow this guide: link

Submit a Ticket via Microsoft Teams

  1. To submit a ticket, go to the Eden app and type in your request

    1. Note: There is no command required to initiate the ticket workflow

  2. Select the board to which you wish to submit the ticket

  3. Select the category or subcategory for the ticket. Use the “Back” button to navigate back to the previous step

  4. If there is a form associated with the request, the form will pop up in Slack. Fill out the form and click “Submit”

Additional Notes & Comments

  • Eden connects Teams and Eden accounts by matching a user’s Eden email address to their Microsoft Teams email address - if these are different, users will be unable to interact with the bot

  • Your organization must first enable the integration from Eden by following these integration guidelines

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