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Using the Eden Microsoft Teams App
Using the Eden Microsoft Teams App

Learn about the functionality of the Eden Microsoft Teams App

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Eden for Microsoft Teams allows you to receive key notifications and use commands to complete actions in Eden. For instructions on how to set up Microsoft Teams for your organization, please visit the Integration guide here.

Microsoft Teams Command and Notification Overview

The following are commands you can send directly to the Eden App or by typing @eden in any chat window. You do not need to precede the command with “@eden” when sending directly to the Eden App.


Teams Command

Relevant Subscription

Create a New Ticket

<title of your request>

Internal Ticketing

Invite a Guest


Visitor Management

Create a Desk or Drop-In Reservation


Desk Booking and/or Team Safety

List of Available Commands


All Subscriptions

Eden also sends the following notifications to users directly in the Eden App. Your notification preferences can be managed in the Eden dashboard under Settings > Notifications.

  • Reminders for upcoming room, desk, or Team Safety reservations

  • Host notifications when a guest arrives

  • Delivery is available for pick up

  • Reminders to pick up deliveries

Reserve a Spot

  1. Type “reserve” into the Eden app

  2. If you have multiple offices, select a location

  3. Select the date of your reservation

  4. Select a desk or skip. If you are assigned to a desk, only one desk will appear on the dropdown.

    1. Skip provides the option to create a Drop In reservation, if allowed by your org

  5. You will receive a confirmation notification. If you have reserved a desk, click “View Floor Plan” to view the floor plan and your selected desk on the dashboard.

  6. Depending on your organization’s settings, you may receive additional notifications, including:

    1. Reminder to complete your wellness survey.

    2. Reminder to check in

    3. Reminder to check out

Invite a Visitor

  1. Type “invite” into the Eden app.

  2. Select the day for your visitor invite

  3. Fill out the form on Teams and click “Invite”

  4. You will receive a confirmation notification.

  5. If you choose to send an email to your visitor, they will be notified to check in and complete the steps based on your visitor check in flow

Submitting a Ticket

  1. To submit a ticket, go to the Eden app and type in your request

    1. Note: There is no command to initiate the ticket workflow

  2. Select the board to which you wish to submit the ticket

  3. Select the category or subcategory for the ticket. Use the “Back” button to navigate back to the previous step

  4. If there is a form associated with the request, the form will pop up in Slack. Fill out the form and click “Submit”

Additional Notes & Comments

  • Eden connects Teams and Eden accounts by matching a user’s Eden email address to their Microsoft Teams email address - if these are different, users will be unable to interact with the bot

  • Your organization must first enable the integration from Eden by following these integration guidelines

  • Click here to learn more about the Eden Microsoft Teams app, including features, permissions, and security requirements.

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