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Badge Printer Troubleshooting Guide
Badge Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Review the common fixes and FAQs for setting up a badge printer

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Common Fixes:

  • Double check that all setup instructions were followed accurately

  • Force close and relaunch Eden iPad app after settings/configurations are changed on either Eden dashboard or on the iPad

  • Verify that the iPad and printer are on the same wireless network

  • Ensure that the Eden application has permissions to find devices on local network

    • This sometimes can require deleting application, reinstalling from the app store and then re-adding tablet to the web dashboard

    • User will need to select โ€œOKโ€ to allow printer to be connected

  • Confirm that your printer can be discovered on the network by typing in the printer IP address into a search bar on a web browser (on iPad or computer)

    • IP Address found by navigating to WLAN > WLAN Status > Infrastructure Mode in the Badge Printer settings menu

  • Return to main Badge Printer screen when test printing or stepping through check-in workflow

If problems still persist, there might be some networking issues causing certain communications traffic to be blocked โ†’ See Advanced Configurations Requirements section

Advanced Configuration Requirements

Network issues can be difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot. The below suggestions might fix your issue, but attempting to connect over different networks or creating a new network for the iPad and printer might be the quickest path to resolution.

Network Requirements

Your firewall, DLP software, or other network configuration settings/software may interfere with the ability of iPad and Badge Printer to communicate.

  • Please ensure that the following ports are open on your local network: UDP 161, TCP 5900, TCP 910

  • If you have an Enterprise wireless authentication protocol set up (LEAP, EAP-FAST, etc), a server certificate may be required on both the printer and iPad

  • Ensure that both printer and tablet IP addresses are whitelisted on the network

Other Tips

  • You may find success by hardwiring the device to the network with a Lightning <> Ethernet adapter

Reminder: The printer only works on 2.4GHz or lower networks. Your check-in iPad associated with your badge printer must be on the same network as the printer, however, it can be either 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz. During printer configuration, the device will only find networks it can use.

Still having issues? Please contact your Eden Customer Success Manager to help with advanced troubleshooting.

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