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Setting Up a Tablet for Room Scheduling
Setting Up a Tablet for Room Scheduling

Learn which types of devices are compatible with Eden's Room Scheduling solution and how to set them up

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Compatible Devices

Eden supports the following devices. If your device is not on the list below, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss options

  • iPads: 5th generation (2017) and newer

  • iPad Minis: 4th generation (2015) and newer

  • iPad Pros: Any generation, any display side

  • Fire Tablets: Fire HD7 (2021 or newer), Fire HD8 (2022 or newer), Fire HD10 (2021 or newer)

  • Android Devices:

    • Minimum Requirements - 1.6 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 32GB ROM

Tip: We recommend ensuring that your devices are up to date with the most current version of the manufacturer's software

Setting Up Your Device

  • Download the Eden Tablet from the app store

  • Navigate to Settings > Devices on the Eden dashboard

  • Select “Add Tablet”

  • Open the Eden App on your device

  • Enter the a six-digit pairing code displayed on your tablet

  • Select “Room Scheduling” mode, name your device, and specify the room to associate with the tablet

    • After hitting save, the tablet will launch with the settings you prescribed (after 15 - 30 seconds)


  • Add a background photo for all tablets or each tablet individually from:

    • Settings > Room Scheduling > Theming

    • Settings > Locations > Select the Location > Floor Management > Select a Room > Room Scheduling.

Tips & Tricks

  • [Optional] Turn on automatic screen dimming by enabling the toggle.

    • This will automatically dim your device screen display to 20% brightness between the hours of 9pm - 7am local time (daily, including weekends).

  • We recommend turning off auto lock setting from your device settings

    • iPads: On Go to your iPad Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. Set Auto-Lock to “Never.”

    • Android Devices: Settings vary

  • The app supports both horizontal or vertical orientations on your tablet

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