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Guided Access and Single App Mode for Tablets
Guided Access and Single App Mode for Tablets
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Enabling Guided Access for iPad

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Go to General and then Accessibility.

  3. Tap on Guided Access (located within the Learning section).

  4. Turn the switch to ON.

  5. Tap on Passcode Settings and then Set Guided Access Passcode.

  6. Enter a passcode (you’ll need this passcode to exit Guided Access once activated)

How to Lock an Android Tablet

Android tablets allow you to “Pin Windows” in a single app. To Lock Android Tablet to One App, you need to first enable the Pin Windows Option on your Android Device, then you will be able to Lock Android Tablet to One App.

  1. Enable Pin Windows Feature On Phone or Tablet

    • Go to Settings > Biometrics & Security

    • Scroll down and tap on Other Security Settings option

    • Click Pin Windows and turn to the “On” position and enable the “use screen lock type to unpin”

    • Set your screen lock type and pin

2. Lock Android tablet to One App

  • Open the Eden App

  • Tap on the Recent Apps button located at the bottom-left corner of your device

  • Hold the app icon and tap on the Pin this App option

How to set up Single App Mode via MDM

Single App Mode locks the iPad into a single app using an MDM setting. When in Single App Mode, there is no way to close the application unless a new configuration is pushed by the team who manages the device. Check with your MDM provider for platform-specific instructions on how to manage your devices in Single App Mode. If you need the app's bundle identifier, use io.eden.Grimoire2.

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