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Hiding a Host from the Visitor Kiosk
Hiding a Host from the Visitor Kiosk

Learn how to hide certain individuals from the host selection drop down

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Hide a Host

Admins can selectively hide Eden users from drop-in visitors on the iPad Kiosk.

A user that is hidden from the iPad Kiosk will not be searchable by drop in visitors (visitors that were not sent an Eden visitor invite ahead of time).

To Toggle a User as Hidden from iPad Kiosk:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Manage Users > Select a User

  2. Select Visitor tab at the top of the User side sheet

  3. Toggle Host Privacy to ON

Note: If a guest is invited by a host who is designated to be hidden from the visitor kiosk, the host will be displayed for that visitor only after the visitor’s registered email is entered onto the iPad.

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