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Creating Rules for Assignees
Creating Rules for Assignees

Learn how to create assignee rules based on location, category, and ticket board

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Assignee conditions are prioritized from item level to board level. For example, if Molly is assigned to an item called "Onboarding" and Ginny is assigned to the category for "People Ops" in which the "Onboarding" item is located, the system will assign new "Onboarding" tickets to Molly.


  1. Go to Settings > Tickets

  2. Click on a board

  3. Go to the “Request Catalog” tab

  4. Click on the person icon next to the item, subcategory, category, or board to add a routing rule

  5. Fill out the form

    1. To assign one assignee for all locations, simply select the assignee and any collaborators you would like to add

    2. To assign tickets based on location, click “Add Condition” and select one or more locations. Select the assignee and any collaborators. Add another assignee for all other locations.

6. Click “Update” to save

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