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Creating a Ticket Board
Creating a Ticket Board

Learn how to create a new ticket board

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A ticket board helps you manage employee requests and organize workflows. You can create boards by category (workplace, people ops, IT), by location (San Francisco, New York, London), or any way you choose.


  • Navigate to Settings > Tickets

  • Click “New Board”

  • Fill out the form

    1. Board name

    2. Time zone – ticket time stamps will align to this time zone

    3. Privacy

      1. Public to Everyone: everyone with an Eden user account can make requests on this board

      2. Private: only users added as a requester and admins can make requests on this board

    4. Default view – kanban or list view?

    5. Require location toggle – enabling this toggle will require ticket requesters to select a location before submitting a ticket

    6. Invite team members to collaborate as admins or requesters on your board. You can also add and edit users later

  • Click “Continue”

  • Click “Continue”

  • [Optional] Choose categories or individual items to add to your catalog. You can edit these items once you create your catalog

  • Click “Continue” to finish

On the “Configuration” tab, you can edit the board settings. On the “Users” tab, add board admins, ticket admins, limited admins, or requesters. On the “Request Catalog,” edit your ticket catalog and add assignee rules!

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