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Submitting a Ticket via the Eden Dashboard
Submitting a Ticket via the Eden Dashboard
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Submitting a ticket on the dashboard allows users to provide more information about the ticket. Users can add a description, a location, and attachments on the dashboard.


  1. Log in to your Eden account

  2. Go to Tickets > My Tickets

  3. Click “Submit Ticket” at the top

  4. Select the board you want to submit the ticket to

  5. Fill out the form

    1. Category: Select a category from the dropdown

    2. Title: The title field automatically populates once you select a category. Feel free to rename the title to anything you would like!

    3. Description: (Optional)

    4. Attachments: (Optional)

    5. Questions: Answer the questions listed. Required questions have asterisks at the end.

  6. Click “Submit”

Admins can add more information to a ticket once it’s submitted. They can add a due date, assignee, collaborators, priority, labels and more!

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