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Internal Ticketing Roles

Learn about the different types of ticketing roles: Board Admin, Ticket Admin, and Limited Admin

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There are two types of user roles that must be configured for ticket admins. User roles apply across the product and can be configured by going to Settings > Manage Users. Ticketing roles can be configured on each board (Settings > Tickets > Select Board > Users tab).

Ticketing Role

  • Board Admin: Users who can configure settings and users on a board. Board admins can also edit all tickets on the board

  • Ticket Admin: Users who can access, edit, and assign tickets on the board, however Ticket Admins cannot configure the board settings

  • Limited Admin: Users who can only edit and manage tickets assigned to them, however Limited Admins cannot see all tickets on a board and cannot manage board settings

When no admin role is assigned to a user, they are automatically granted requestor access. They can submit and review their own tickets but cannot make edits, view other tickets or view settings

There are two ways to adjust one’s ticketing role:

  • Go to Tickets > Ticket Board > Choose the board > Users > Add user

  • Go to Settings > Manage Users > Choose the user > Ticketing. Edit the role.

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