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Overview of Internal Ticketing
Overview of Internal Ticketing

Learn the basics of how Eden's Internal Ticketing solution works

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With Internal Ticketing, we make it easy to track, manage, and tackle internal IT and service desk requests from start to finish. Simple integrations with products like Slack and Microsoft Teams make it easy to help employees help themselves.

Internal Ticketing Features

  • Unlimited ticket boards, categories, and subcategories to organize office requests

  • Slack and Teams integration

  • Custom catalogs and routing rules per board

  • Automate checklists on new requests (subtasks)

  • Due dates and assignees on checklist items

  • Comments and activity logs per ticket

  • Repeating ticket scheduling

  • Analytics and metrics dashboard

My Tickets

This tab shows the following:

  • All tickets assigned to the user

  • All open tickets submitted by the user

  • Recently closed tickets submitted by the user

Ticket Board - Kanban View

Customize the kanban view to fit your needs! You can change the title of each section, add as many sections as you need, and filter your requests. Drag and drop each ticket to change the status.

Ticket Board - List View

The list view organizes tickets by section. Use the list view to quickly go through your tickets!

Ticket Board - Metrics

This dashboard shows metrics like the number of tickets created, number of tickets closed, average resolution time, breakdown by category, breakdown by assignee, and the number of tickets created over time. You can also export a CSV of all tickets for this board.

Ticket Details

In each ticket, admins can do the following:

  • Edit the title of the ticket

  • Add or change a due date

  • Add an assignee

  • Change the status of the ticket

  • Move the ticket to a different board

  • Add subtasks

  • Add a due date to a subtask

  • Add an assignee to a subtask

  • Check off subtasks

  • Edit the ticket category

  • Add or change the ticket priority

  • Change the requester

  • Edit answers to the questions

  • Change the location

  • Add a description

  • Add collaborators

  • Add an attachment

  • Leave a comment

  • Leave an internal note

  • Archive closed tickets

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