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Vaccine Tracking for Non-Administrator Users
Vaccine Tracking for Non-Administrator Users

Learn how users can upload their COVID-related documentation for approval to make a reservation

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Eden users are able to upload COVID-related documentation as required by their company. If you’ve already uploaded a vaccination card and need to add additional doses, Eden will automatically recognize your past submission and allow you to add your booster shot details.

How to Upload Your Documents

  • Go to Team Safety

  • Click “Upload a document”

  • Upload the document and choose document type

    1. Vaccine Card: include vaccine type, date of dose and add dose. If you have previously uploaded a vaccine card, your past submission details will be automatically filled in and you will be prompted to add your booster shot details.

    2. Negative Test Result: include date of test

    3. Other: include title and description of your upload

  • Click “Submit for review”

  • You will receive an email when your documents have been approved by your Eden Administrator

Other Information About Your Documents

  • If your document has expired, based on your Organization’s setting, an updated document will need to be uploaded and approved prior to making a reservation to come into the office

    • If your document is marked as valid but you still cannot make a reservation, you may need to reach out to your administrator to manually update your eligibility

  • You can review all your uploaded documents and their status on the dashboard under the “Team Safety” tab

  • If you’d like a document deleted, please contact your administrator to help you delete your upload

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