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Submit a Ticket via Slack
Submit a Ticket via Slack

Learn the different ways you can submit a ticket via Slack

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There are two ways to submit a ticket on Slack. The easiest way is to submit a ticket through the Eden app. To install the app, click “Add Apps” on the button of your Slack sidebar. Look up “Eden Workplace” and click “Add.”

Submitting a Ticket Through the Eden App

  • To submit a ticket, go to the Eden Workplace app and type in your request

  1. Select which board you would like to submit the ticket. If you only have one board, this step will be skipped.

  • Select the category or subcategory for the ticket. Use the “Back” button to navigate back to the previous step

  • If there is a form associated with the request, the form will pop up in Slack. Fill out the form and click “Submit”

Submitting a Ticket via Slack Chat

Another way to submit a ticket is to go to any Slack channel or private message and type “/eden [your request]”. Follow steps 2-4 to finish your ticket request.

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