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Vaccine Tracking for Team Safety Document Administrators
Vaccine Tracking for Team Safety Document Administrators

Learn how to track and review employees’ vaccine documents, booster shots, and other COVID-related documents.

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Team Safety clients can use Eden to track and review employees’ vaccine documents, booster shots, and other COVID-related documents.

Only Team Safety Document Administrators will have access to this feature. Super Admins can assign those roles by going to Settings > Manage Users > Select User > Roles > enable Team Safety Document Admin

Team Safety Document Settings & Configurations

You must be a Team Safety Document Admin to configure Team Safety Document Settings. These settings are available under Settings > Team Safety > Document Tracking.

  • Instructions: set a custom message for your users to review before uploading their documents. This message will appear at the top of the document upload page.

  • Document Upload Options: enable or disable the option for users to upload a negative COVID test or Other document

  • Reservation Eligibility:

    • Indicate if new users are automatically eligible to make reservations to come into the office, even if they have not submitted any Team Safety documentation

    • Set expiration dates for employee documents

How Expiration Dates Work:

  • Team Safety Admins can set an expiration date for vaccine cards and/or negative test results. This is an organization-wide setting.

  • Upon expiration, the user will automatically become ineligible to make a reservation in the office.

  • If an employee has both a vaccine card and a negative COVID test uploaded, Eden will default that user’s access to make a reservation to the document with the latest expiration date.

  • Admins can override a user’s reservation eligibility on the user profile or under Employee Documents > Reviewed

  • Super Admins, Desk Booking, and Team Safety / Visitor Management can override these rules and make a reservation on a user’s behalf even if the user is ineligible to make a reservation

  • Expanding an expiration window may result in some users with previously expired documents to now have "Validated" health documents under the new parameters. These users will need reservation eligibility to be manually toggled on by an administrator

How to Upload Team Safety Documents

Users can upload their COVID documentation to enter the office under the Team Safety tab on the dashboard. When a user uploads a document, it will appear on the user’s Team Safety documents tab as “Pending” until approved by an administrator.

By default, there are three document types an employee can select from:

  • Vaccine Card

  • Negative Test Result

  • Other

If an employee has previously uploaded a Vaccine Card, Eden will pre-populate their previous vaccine type and date and allow the employee to add their booster shot details.

How to Review Team Safety Documents

Uploaded documents can be reviewed either in a list view or on the individual user’s profile.

To review documents via a list view:

  1. Go to Team Safety > Employee Documents > Needs Review

  2. Choose the user and click “Show vaccine card” / ”Show negative test result”

  3. Review the uploaded documents and click either “Validate” or “Deny”

  4. Based on the information provided, you can turn on/off the user’s Team Safety Settings:

    1. Eligible to make reservations: user is eligible to make reservations to visit the office

    2. Require wellness survey: user must complete the wellness survey before visiting the office

Team Safety Admins can export the information by clicking “Export all submissions.” This is a CSV file and will not contain the uploaded documents.

To access all the reviewed documents, go to Team Safety > Employee Documents > Reviewed.

To review documents on an individual user’s profile:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Users > select the user > Team Safety

  2. Team Safety Document Admins can review documents on this profile as well as delete, view all uploads associated with that user, or upload a document on the user's behalf.


When an employee uploads a new document, Team Safety Document Admins will receive an email notification informing them of the new document available for review.

To disable these notifications, go to Settings > Notifications > Team Safety and silence the “New COVID-19 Document Upload” option.

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