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Creating and Managing Recurring Desk Reservations
Creating and Managing Recurring Desk Reservations
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What are recurring desk reservations?

A recurring desk reservation allows users to establish a set schedule for a particular desk. Once a schedule is set, Eden will automatically reserve that designated desk for that user until a specific end date or until the user cancels the recurring schedule.

How do I set up recurring desk reservations?

Set up a recurring reservation just like you’d book a desk on the floor plan:

  • Go to My Reservations > Desk > Select your preferred desk

    • Administrators can also create a recurring reservation on a user’s behalf

  • Select the “Create Recurring Reservation” button

  • Set the parameters for your recurring schedule

    1. If you select “Never” for when your schedule ends, Eden will automatically create your schedule for the coming month and will add future reservations each subsequent week.

    2. If your schedule has any conflicts, Eden will automatically assign you to a new desk. After creating your Recurring Desk Reservation, you are able to change your assigned desk or cancel one off reservations on the My Reservations dashboard, as needed.

  • Once your recurring schedule is created, you can view or cancel the schedule by going to My Reservations > See All Reservations > Recurring. If you would like to modify your recurring reservation, cancel your existing reservation and create a new schedule by booking a desk on the floor plan.

    • Administrators can manage all users’ recurring reservations under Reservations > All Reservations > Recurring

See all reservations view:

All reservations admin view:

How do I modify or cancel recurring reservations?

  • Go to My Reservations.

  • Scroll down to the Upcoming Reservations section and select “See all reservations”

  • Go to the Recurring tab > Select the recurring desk reservation you would like to cancel or modify.

    • To cancel an individual reservation, find the date of the reservation you would like to cancel > Click the small arrow > Cancel > Cancel Reservation.

  • To cancel all upcoming reservations, select the “Cancel Recurring Reservation” button.

    • Set the effective date > Select “Yes, Cancel Recurring Reservation” to confirm cancellation.

  • To modify an individual desk reservation, go to My Reservations > Desk.

    1. Select the location and date of the reservation you’d like to modify.

    2. Select an available desk > Reserve Desk.

    3. Confirm your new desk reservation.

  • If you need to modify all recurring desk reservations, cancel the existing reservation schedule and create a new recurring reservation.

Note: Desk Booking Admins can cancel employees’ recurring desk reservations by going to All Reservations > Recurring.

Troubleshooting tips & tricks

  • Unable to see reservations beyond one month. Eden only creates the schedule one month in advance. Each subsequent week Eden will generate new, future reservations in accordance with the recurring schedule.

  • My desk is different from my recurring schedule. Sometimes there are conflicts and a desk may be booked ahead of the recurring schedule. In this case, Eden will assign a random desk to the user. The user can modify their desk by going to My Reservations > View on map > select a new desk.

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