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Setting Up Autonomous Single App Mode for iOS Tablets (ASAM)
Setting Up Autonomous Single App Mode for iOS Tablets (ASAM)

Learn how to setup ASAM for your Eden iOS tablets

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About ASAM

Supervised devices through the Apple Configurator or Apple's Device Enrollment Program will support Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM). You can enable this setting within your MDM provider or directly from the Eden Room Scheduling or Visitor Management iPad App.

When ASAM is enabled, the Eden App will remain in the foreground in Single App Mode. If the device loses connectivity, it will exit single app mode for easier troubleshooting, and then return to ASAM automatically when the app is open and the device is back online.

How to Set Up Single App Mode via MDM

Check with your MDM provider for platform-specific instructions on how to manage your devices in Single App or Autonomous Single App Mode. If you need the app's bundle identifier, use io.eden.grimoire2.

How to Set Up ASAM in Eden

Before setting up ASAM in Eden, please confirm the following:

  • Device is enrolled in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) or using Apple Configurator and a Mobile Device Management program

  • You are using the Eden Room Scheduling or Visitor Management app for iOS version 2.15.0 or higher

After you’ve set up ASAM on your MDM provider, login to Eden and navigate to Settings > Devices. Select each iPad that requires ASAM and turn on the “Enable ASAM” toggle.

Once this is enabled, you will see a modal popup on the device to confirm that ASAM was enabled successfully.

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