Set up a Follow-up Survey

Learn how administrators can customize a follow-up survey for guests to complete after their visits.

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Administrators can customize the follow-up survey to the guests after the visits. Responses can be found under “Reservation History” or in the csv export.

Please note that the follow up surveys can be set up as a default or customized per location and per visitor type.


  1. Go to Settings > Visitors & Team Safety > Configurations > Select the Configuration type you want to update > Change Visitor Type > Follow-up Survey

  2. Turn on the toggle for “Email visitors a follow up survey”

  3. Fill out for form

    1. Delivery Schedule: when to send the survey

    2. Limit Survey Emails: how frequent to send the survey for repeat visitors

    3. Reply Email: email where the response will be sent to

    4. Email: customize the email visitors receive after their visit. Click “Save Email”

    5. Survey: customize the follow-up questions of the survey. Click “Save Survey”

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