Custom Check-In Forms/Fields

Learn how you can create custom forms to gather additional information from users/visitors upon check-in

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To gather additional information on the employees or visitors during check-in, administrators can add questions under this field.


  • Go to Settings > Visitors & Team Safety > Configurations tab

  • Click the edit pencil to edit the default setting group or whichever configuration group you need to make changes for and select the the visitor type tab across the top (a custom form will need to be set up for each visitor type)

  • Turn on toggle for “Custom Check-In Fields

  • Click “ + New Field” and choose the question type

    1. Short Text

    2. Long Text

    3. Multiple Choice

    4. Date

    5. Link

  • Input the question and turn on/off the “Required” toggle

  • Click “New Field” to add more questions (optional)

  • Click “Save Field”

  • To delete the question, click the red trash bin icon on the right

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