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Internal Ticketing Email Integration

Learn how to set up an email integration that allows your team to submit tickets via email

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How does it work?

  • Internal Ticketing allows employees to submit tickets via Slack, Teams, the Eden dashboard and/or our email integration

  • The email integration gives employees another option to submit requests by submitting a request via your email address of your choice. Submitted tickets will generate on a preferred board in the Eden dashboard.

How do I set up the Email Integration for Ticketing?

  • On your Eden dashboard, navigate to Settings > Ticketing > Choose or create the Ticketing board to set up for email integration

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Configurations for that board to the “Email Requests” section as shown below

    1. If you do not see this section, please reach out to support via chat or email us at [email protected]

    2. Email integration is not compatible with ticketing boards that require “Location” to be submitted when a ticket is submitted at this time

  • Click “Configure” and enter the email address you would like to use into the “Company Submission Email” field (i.e., the email address your team will email to create a ticket)

  • After you click 'Save,' the system will provide a forwarding email address in the “Forwarding email” section.

  • Important Final Steps: There are two options to start creating tickets from this point – the only difference is whether your team requires a specific submission email format (option 2) or the quicker setup with our provided submission email (option 1)

    1. Option 1: Give your employees the “Forwarding Email” address to email directly for ticketing submission. This requires no further setup.

    2. Option 2:

      1. Create a Google or Outlook Group with the “Company Submission Email” as the email address for the group. Organization settings for Groups must allow external email addresses to be added to a group.

      2. Add the “Forwarding Email” as a member to the group. For Outlook users, please reach out to your CSM or [email protected] to access your confirmation code.

      3. Give your employees the “Company Submission Email” to start emailing in order to submit a ticket

What happens when a ticket is submitted via email after the integration is set up?

  • Once the integration settings are complete, employees can email the “Forwarding email address” (option 1 above) or the “Company Submission email” (option 2 above) to submit a ticket

    • The subject line of the email will become the title of the ticket

    • The body of the email will become the description on the ticket

    • Once the email has been sent, the user will receive an email confirming their ticket submission. They can respond to that email at any time and their responses will appear as chat comments on the ticket.

    • The person submitting a ticket via email will show as the requestor on the ticket in Eden

    • Category, assignee, location, priority, label, and any other information cannot be added via email when submitting a ticket at this time

  • If you would like to disable the integration at any time, click “edit” in the Settings > Ticketing > Configuration board settings for Email request > Disable email requests


  • Email integrations for ticketing are per board, and boards cannot share submission or forwarding email addresses — each board must have its own email for your team to submit tickets

  • Google and Outlook groups must be used if you would like to choose the email address used for your team as described in setup Option 2 above — this requires your organization to allow groups with external email addresses

  • Location cannot be required on a ticketing board if you would like to use the email integration

  • The person sending an email to submit a ticket must be doing so from an email address with an active Eden account for your organization. We do not allow email addresses without Eden accounts to submit tickets at this time.

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