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Using Announcements
Using Announcements

Learn how to use Announcements to send messages to employees or visitors directly from Eden

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Overview of Announcements

‘Announcements’ allows teams to send messages to employees and visitors directly from the Eden dashboard or Eden mobile app. Employees can be notified of a new announcement via Slack, Teams, email, or a mobile push notification. Employees will also see all announcements directly on the Eden dashboard landing page or on the “Announcements” tab. Visitors will receive announcements via email to the email address they used upon checking in.

Setting Up Announcements

Announcements can be sent by anyone with an “Announcements Admin” role. Super Admins will automatically have access to this role. To enable this role for other users, navigate to Settings > Manage Users. Select the relevant user and enable the “Announcements Admin” role under the “Roles” tab.

If you would like to send Announcements via email, you will need to set a reply-to email address by going to Settings > Announcements > Email Announcements. This setting is required in order to send announcements to visitors.

Creating an Announcement

To create an Announcement on the dashboard, navigate to the Announcements tab and select “New Announcement:”

You can create an announcement on the mobile app by:

  • Clicking on the + icon in the bottom right corner and selecting Post an Announcement

  • Clicking on the Announcement icon in the top right corner

  • Opening the Announcement list from the main landing page

Announcements will default to send as a non-urgent announcement to all active Eden users, but admins can edit recipients using the filters on the left. Filters include:

  1. Recipients: “Employees” or “Visitors”

    • You must be using Eden’s Visitor Management solution to send messages to visitors

  2. Location: “All Locations” or “Specific Locations”

    • This will narrow the recipient list down based on the locations employees are assigned to on their user profile

  3. Reservations: “Not Required” or “With Reservation”

    • You must be using Eden’s Desk Booking or Team Safety solutions to select a reservation date

    • Reservation dates are limited to the trailing 90 days or upcoming 90 days

  4. Post at: the date and time your announcement is sent to employees and/or visitors

  5. End at: the date and time your announcement is archived for Eden users on the Eden dashboard and mobile landing pages.

    • Archived Announcements are still accessible on the Announcements tabs once it is archived

    • Announcements cannot be archived for visitors

As you filter your recipient list, you will be able to see the number of recipients below the announcement editor:

Finally, Admins can mark an announcement as "Urgent." An Urgent Announcement will send immediately, stay up for one day, and require the user to acknowledge the announcement before they can continue using the Eden dashboard. Admins can also track who has and has not acknowledged an Urgent Announcement by clicking on the Announcement in the dashboard.

Managing Announcements

All users will have access to the Announcements tab within the dashboard to access active and historical announcements:

All users also have access to Announcements on the mobile app. Recent announcements are posted on the home screen, and historical announcements can be accessed by clicking on the announcements section in the top right corner or on the detail section of the home page:

Admins have access to additional information about announcements, including who has acknowledged an urgent announcement and additional details on recipients. This information is available on both the dashboard and mobile app.

Finally, Admins are able to Close, Delete, or Duplicate an existing announcement. Close and Delete are available on the web dashboard and mobile app. Duplicating an announcement is only available on the web dashboard.


When an announcement is sent to an employee, a notification will be sent via Slack, Teams, email, or a mobile push notification, depending on the user's notification preferences. Employees can manage their notification preferences by going to Settings > Notifications > Announcements. Visitors are only able to receive notifications via email.

The notification will include the subject line of your announcement along with a preview of the message.

Email Example:

Slack / Teams Example:


  • If you are unable to select visitors when sending an announcement or if employees are not receiving announcements via email, make sure you’ve set a reply email by going to Settings > Announcements and enabling the Email Announcements toggle.

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