Visitor Notifications

Learn what types of notifications a visitor receives when they are invited to your workspace

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Visitor Notifications

  1. Before the visitor’s scheduled visit, they will receive two emails:

    1. A confirmation email of the visit

    2. An early check in link via email 24 hours in advance of the visit, if configured for your org

      1. An Early Check In email allows a visitor to complete the registration requirements up to 24 hrs in advance of their scheduled visit

Confirmation Email

Early Check In Email

Note: Visitor Management Admins can turn on/off the Early Check In setting at the org level or the location level:

Org Level: Settings > Visitors > Notifications

Location Level, by Guest Type: Settings > Locations > {Select Location} > Visitors > Notifications

2. When the visitor clicks on the “Early Check-In” link, they will be redirected to a webpage to complete the registration workflow. Visitors will need to complete the steps based on your organization’s registration flow to check in.

3. After completing the registration workflow, visitors can check in immediately following completion or via the following email link they are sent. If the visitor is required to to sign a legal document, they will be sent a copy of the signed legal document.

4. After a visitor checks in, they will be emailed a confirmation email.

The email includes a link to check out following the visit.

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