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Follow a Colleague

Coordinate schedules and collaborate with your coworkers & teammates

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The following article reviews how to follow a colleague on the Eden dashboard and mobile app, how to manage your notification preferences, and settings for this feature.

Overview of Follow a Colleague

This feature allows you to ‘follow’ other Eden users within your organization, such as teammates, coworkers, friends, managers, direct reports, etc. By following someone, you’ll be able to:

  • See when they plan to be in the office

  • Receive notifications for their upcoming reservations

  • Easily identify people you follow throughout the product, including where they are sitting in the office

How to Follow a Colleague

There are a few places throughout the Eden product where you can ‘follow’ someone, including:

  • Employee Directory

  • Employee Profile Page

  • Colleagues > Schedule Side Sheet

  • Mobile App: View Directory

To ‘follow’ someone, simply click the star next to their name. You can see who you are following and view your followers by navigating to the Directory page and selecting from the “Following” filter.

Viewing Schedules for Colleagues You Follow

A star icon will appear on the avatar for anyone you follow. You can also use filters throughout the product to narrow down details about their upcoming schedules.

Eden Landing Page

The landing page widget will show you reservations for the upcoming week for people you follow or for everyone at a given location. Days that you have a reservation will be noted by a teal outline.

Invites Side Sheet

The invite side sheet provides more detail about upcoming schedules. To access this page, click on the Colleagues Widget on the landing page. From here, you can search by name, filter by location, and view schedules for people you follow or everyone at that location.

Eden Mobile App

You can use the Eden app on iOS or Android to manage and view people you follow. This short demo walks you through how to follow colleagues using the mobile app.

Settings & Notification Preferences


This feature is enabled by default for all Desk Booking and Team Safety users. Administrators can enable or disable this feature for the entire organization by navigating to Settings > Directory > Follow Colleagues.

Users without an Admin role can choose to opt out of being followed under Settings > User Preferences. If you opt out, other users will not be able to follow you and will not receive notifications of reservations. Additionally, you will not have the ability to follow others. If someone is already following you, they will automatically be removed as a follower.


There are two types of notifications:

  1. Daily Digest

    • List of reservations for the remaining work days for anyone you follow.

    • Sent daily at 4pm local time

    • Available via Email, Slack and/or Teams

    • Examples:

      • A Monday digest will include reservations for the coming Tuesday through Friday.

      • A Friday digest will include reservations for the coming Saturday through Friday

  2. Real Time Reservations

    • Real time notification sent when someone you follow makes a reservation

    • Available via Slack or Teams

All users can control their notification preferences by navigating to Settings > Notifications > Team Safety

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