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Invite a Colleague

Encourage in person collaboration with Invite a Colleague

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Invite a Colleague allows users to invite their colleagues to make a Desk or Drop In reservation for a particular day. User’s can select a day, add their colleagues, add a personal note and send an invitation. Invitees will receive a notification that they’ve been invited and will be prompted to make a reservation. Invite a Colleague is available on the Eden dashboard and mobile app.

This feature is enabled by default, however Administrators can enable or disable this feature for the organization from Settings > Team Safety > Team Safety tab.

Inviting a Colleague

Users can invite colleagues from the following entry points:

  • Eden Dashboard:

    • Landing Page

    • My Reservations Page

    • Floor Plan, After Creating a Reservation from the

    • Invites Side Sheet

  • Eden Mobile App:

    • “Invite Colleagues” Tile from Header Bar on Landing Page

    • + Menu from Landing Page

After selecting “Invite Colleague”

  1. Select date for the invitation

  2. Add one or more colleagues

  3. Add a personal note (optional)

  4. Send Invite

Receiving an Invitation

By default, users can receive notifications via the mobile app or Slack. Users can update their notification settings under Settings > Notifications on their user profile.

Additionally, users will be able to see all upcoming invitations on the Eden dashboard landing page, My Reservations tab, or Invites side sheet.

On the Eden Mobile App, users can see upcoming invites on the main landing page.

Upon clicking on an invitation, the user will be directed to a panel with invitation details. The user will have the option to:

  1. Reserve a Desk or Drop In Reservation, depending on your organization’s subscription and settings

  2. Dismiss an Invite. After dismissing an invite, you will be unable to “undismiss” that invite; but you will still be able to create a reservation from the dismissed invite.

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you have a reservation for that day you were invited, it will be noted on the invite card

  • The person that invited you will not be notified if you create a reservation or dismiss an invite

  • You will only be able to invite colleagues to locations that you have access to

  • You will only be able to invite colleagues with access to the desired location, user’s without access to the denoted invitation are noted as such

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