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Metrics and Analytics – Room Scheduling
Metrics and Analytics – Room Scheduling

Learn how to use the Room Analytics feature to better understand your organization’s room utilization

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Room Analytics enables administrators to better understand their office space and employee habits. This feature is included with Room Reservations.

Admins are able to select or define a custom time period and view room reservation data by location, floor, or overall organization. Exportable data enables administrators to run custom analyses and derive additional insights.

Analytics are available to Room Scheduling Administrators by going to Reservations > Room Analytics.

Understanding the Metrics Dashboard

Top Level Metrics

For a defined time period & location:

  • Utilization: number of hours reserved over the total number of hours available considering a 12 hour workday (7am - 7 pm)

  • Total Reservations: total room hours reserved

  • Released Hours: total room hours released (i.e. failure to check in when the room release feature is on for a room or organization)

  • Trend Arrows & Percents: Compare current time period to previous time period


Provides a representation of the hours of rooms reserved, checked in and released over a specified time period. Reservation hours do not exclude meeting cancellations.


Visualization provides insight into the busiest times of each day on a 7 am to 7 pm timeframe. The darkest red correlates to rooms being 100% booked up for a given timeframe.

Note: When looking at “All Locations” inclusive of multiple time zones, the heatmap normalizes for local times (i.e. an 8 am reservation in New York will be accounted as an 8 am reservation when viewing from San Francisco)

Room Data Charts


Visualization of each room and the type of meetings scheduled. The options are:

  • Prescheduled: prescheduled meetings made on Eden or through a calendar integration

  • Recurring: recurring meetings made through a calendar integration

  • Ad hoc: meetings scheduled on a room tablet display with the Eden app


Visualization of each room and the breakdown of meeting lengths being scheduled

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