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Delivery Shortcut on Visitor Management Kiosk
Delivery Shortcut on Visitor Management Kiosk

Learn how to use the delivery shortcut on your Visitor Management kiosk

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How It Works

Adding the delivery shortcut to your iPad kiosk will allow delivery people to quickly notify specific team members when a delivery has arrived and if a signature is required. The delivery shortcut removes the additional steps of requiring a name and selecting a host, helping delivery drivers quickly drop off mail and packages while keeping workplace teams informed about any front office activity and needs.

Setting Up the Delivery Shortcut

The delivery shortcut requires a tablet to be set up on the Eden account and is enabled per location. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Locations > Select the Location > Visitors & Team Safety tab > Delivery Shortcut.

When you enable the feature, you will be required to indicate who should be notified when a delivery arrives. This can be any set of users with Eden accounts or preferred email addresses. If you’re interested in notifying specific employees about a delivery, check out our Deliveries product!

Optionally, you can indicate if you’d like the delivery driver to notify you if a signature is required when dropping off the delivery.

Upon saving your settings, the iPad kiosk will update with a new button on the home screen for deliveries. Note: this layout will vary slightly depending on your organization’s settings:


If you are added as someone to receive notifications when deliveries arrive, you will have the option to receive notifications via email, Slack, Teams, or SMS. There are 3 types of notifications, depending on your settings:

  • Delivery has arrived

  • Delivery has arrived and requires a signature

  • Delivery has arrived and does not require a signature

Your notification preferences can be managed by going to Settings > Notifications > Visitor Management.

Visitor Logs & Reporting

With the delivery shortcut, Eden does not capture a log of the delivery driver or delivered mail and packages, so you will not see this detail in your visitor logs. If you are interested in more detailed reporting related to your deliveries, check out our Deliveries product.

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