Guest Self Managed Check Out

Allow guests to check themselves out through the iPad Kiosk

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How It Works

When configured for an iPad Kiosk at a location, guests have the option to search their name to check themselves out of a visit.

Note: Only guests that have checked in will be able to search for their name and check out

Setting Up Self Managed Check Out

The self managed check out shortcut requires a tablet to be set up on the Eden account and is enabled per location.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Locations > Select the Location > Visitors & Team Safety tab > Guest Sign Out.

Upon saving your settings, the iPad kiosk will update with a new button on the home screen for self check out. Note that this layout will vary slightly depending on your organization’s settings:

Visitor Logs & Reporting

A guest that self checks out will have the time recorded on My Visitors and All Visitors Tables.

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